Online marketing map and termsLarge corporations word their adverting to provoke customers into action. Google is no exception. As AdWords is their primary product, PPC campaigners should be careful of what you invest in.

An example we noticed recently was the lightbulb box notification that reads: “campaign may be losing clicks due to a limited budget.”

Losing clicks is hard to ignore. But the only way to gain the 90 clicks Google says you are missing out on is to raise your budget cap. So you can see where this is going right?

Sure, you have to plough more money into AdWords.

Alternatively, you could bid on less expensive keywords. Essentially the “limited budget” notice is warning advertisers you don’t have sufficient budget to use the chosen keywords or you are bidding too aggressively.

How to get more PPC clicks

Being in the top ad positions does not necessarily mean you attract more clicks. You just need to make the wording of your ad more powerful than your competitors.

That could also mean making your offer more appealing than other ads. The key point to remember here is, being in the top ad positions means you pay premium rates, but that doesn’t mean you attract the most clicks.

Let’s look at it from an economical point of view. You only pay for advertising space when someone clicks on your ad. The higher your ad position the more premium you pay.

Therefore if you occupy the top ad slot and pay £1 every time someone clicks on your ad, ten visitors will cost you £10. But if you are in a lower-placed ad for a keyword that costs 50p, you will receive 20 visitors for £10.

So ask yourself, would you rather attract 10 visitors or 20? It’s a no-brainer. The ad space you occupy for PPC campaigns is not as important as Google want you to believe because the user intent is still there.

Raising your stake to get more clicks from top-ranking keywords only means you spend more of your budget. It doesn’t mean you will improve your click-through rate per cost.

So when Google say your “campaign may be losing clicks due to a limited budget” what they really mean is, increase your budget and we will give you the same ration of clicks you are already getting for your money.”