Group of Business People Discussing Business IssuesThe human brain responds better to visual images over any other form of media. Furthermore, advancements in technology mean that video files are not weighing down websites and loading up slowly.

With HTML5 video support on your website, promoting your brand and products with motion picture marketing is the way to go. So now, you’ve laid the foundations, it’s time to start shooting.

So what videos are trending right now and how can you take inspiration from them to film your own promotional footage?

Remake blog articles

One of the most challenging aspects of video marketing is coming up with engaging content. You have about six seconds to capture the attention of the audience.

Furthermore, making videos professionally is expensive, but making them yourself is fun and affordable. Take inspiration from New York Times best-selling author on marketing, Jay Baer who host a daily advice and chat show.

All he does is takes his best performing blog posts and transforms it into video. Simple. You have already done the research and have the content. Now all you have to do is put it into a script and find a suitable setting to shoot your video. Visual aids are useful too. They add variety.

Customer testimonials

Nothing sells better than word of mouth, so if you can get a customer to agree to a quick video shoot, you are on to a winner that won’t blow your budget. You may want to compensate them with a small gift though.

The customer should ideally be genuine. Give a quick interview in their home, if they are comfortable with that. Ask them why they like your brand and what they think of your products and customer service.

You should also film them using your product and ask them to explain how it has improved their life. Show your audience the benefits of your product.

Be practical

If you have got a product or range of products that can be used for practical purposes, make a how to video. It does not even necessarily have to be promoting your products directly, but just features them.

This video about magic tricks you can perform at home for example, shows what you can do with a candle and a balloon. If you have sell food, make a cooking show. What can you do with your products?

Video marketing captures the interest of your audience, and with a creative mindset can make promotional ads that are unique, interesting and engaging. Research shows most 30-second videos will be watched all the way through, so if you can inspire customers in a short space of time, you increase the chance of converting browsers into buyers.