Social media 3The number one app has to be Hootsuite. This crafty app enables you to link, post content and track directly across a vast number of different social media sites.

Perhaps the number one digital challenge for marketers is actually monitoring response and getting the message out there across a variety of channels and devices. Hootsuite will help you get there.

A personal favourite of mine has to be the official Linkedin app. In its infancy, there were plenty who felt unsure about the value of yet another business networking tool. But as time has passed, Linkedin has shown its pedigree, and for many is the number one place to check news, views, jobs and trends.

Apps on the move

Then, of course, there are the apps that actually keep you working on the train, or perhaps on the sofa. These track progress in the office, monitor jobs, and keep you abreast of what’s happening at work and in the digital world regardless of your location.

The top tools include Teamwork, Wunderlist, Trello and Pocket. Anyone who is still unaware of the cloud probably shouldn’t be working in digital marketing, so we won’t detail how you actually store data and work and retrieve it via google drive or Apple’s offerings.

Elsewhere, the top comms tools are worth a mention. These vary on personal choice, but a mixture of Skype, Viber or WhatsApp should keep you talking from Australia to Austin.

And finally, your most important app is the ‘off’ button. Failing to stop working is the one top way to kill drive, creativity and passion. Pull the plug.