webVideo is becoming increasingly popular with marketers and consumers. Short, snappy promotional ads are easier to digest and provide more entertainment from end users. And with a growing number of platforms hosting video format, marketers have more options than ever.

But videos should be kept short. Between 30 seconds and one minute is the recommended time span. Some social media platforms give you even less; six seconds on Vine and 15 on Instagrams, instavids.

So how do you make a short ad that captures the attention and gets your marketing message across in a short space of time? First of all, you need to determine where your video will be posted so you know how much time you actually have!

Showcase your product

Other than a live demonstration, there is no better way than showcasing your product than video. If you product required assembling, film the building process then speed up the action. If your product is something people use, demonstrate what benefits it offers and what end results can be achieved.

Demonstrate how to do something

For industries that offer a service such as a restaurant or gym, you can make quick easy videos to demonstrate something, such as how to make poached eggs or how to perform the cobra in yoga. The rules of content marketing determines that your ad needs to be relevant to your company or product, but making a video ad can encompass other facets of your business, and not only your products.

Create intrigue or desire

It can be very difficult to get a marketing message across in six seconds. Even 15 is stretching it. But your videos do not have to sell. In actual fact, they are best used as lead generation. Therefore, you need to create enough intrigue or desire to compel the viewer to take the next step of the purchasing process.

One effective method of creating intrigue is to make you video in parts, a bit like a what-happens-next cliff hanger. But if you do this, make the ending worth the wait and effort. You could also ask a burning question the viewer desperately wants answering.

Interview customers

Word of mouth is still the most powerful and respected form of advertising. Reality TV is pretty popular as well. So why not combine the two and get real customer feedback in your ads.

You may even want to go the other way and interview prospects about your brand and products to gauge public opinion. This way you can combine your video making with valuable consumer research.

There are many ways to make short video ads despite the limitations of time. Hopefully, we have given you a few ideas to get you started, and once you start thinking about video and begin the process of making them, you will probably find ideas flow through you like water.