Make a WebsiteThe purpose of a website is to communicate your brand, product and services to customers. And to do that, you should be using as much retail landscape as possible without overcrowding screens.

It’s surprising how many companies do not make good use of the footer space. Granted, there are a limited number of options for design at the bottom of the screen, but utilising this space is essential to your overall information architecture.

How you make best use of the footer will largely depend on the type of business you are and how many services you offer. But the important thing is, you don’t let the space go to waste.

Call to action

The most popular, and arguably the most effective use of footer real estate is planting your call to action. The bottom of the page is as good a place as any to prompt customers to move on to the next step.

The majority of firms use the footer to include their address and other contact details. Whilst this information is important, a call to action giving customers a reason to contact you is often overlooked.


Online businesses that have a wide range of products and services to offer can make best use of their web design by listing everything they do at the foot of the page.

Everything you include in dropdown menu at the top of the page can be laid out in an at-a-glance overview in the footer. This makes navigation convenient for users and prompts them to take the next step of the purchasing process.


Customer testimonials give prospects confidence, and all too often you find them squeezed into the sidebars or have an entire page dedicated to them. Okay, that last option is not a bad idea, but nor is using the space at the foot of every page.

Advertise USP

A unique selling point you want to highlight can be brought to the attention of prospects at the very last drop of content. If you have strong sales copy that intrigues and excites a prospect, the USP at the bottom of the page might just be the clincher that helps them make up their mind.

Examples of USP’s in footers are exclamations such as 10% of your first purchase, or free delivery on orders of £50.

How you use the footer space should not be underestimated. It could be the difference between a sale and a fail.