Business network in the digital ageThe emergence of wearable tech is expected to really take off this year, and the latest fashion trend could change the marketing landscape again in the not-too-distant future.

Google Glass may not have got off to the best start, but last year they recruited the services of royal designer, Diane von Furstenberg and recently launched a new chic style.

Apple’s eagerly anticipated smartwatch is expected to get the green light in 2015 and Sony is also getting in on the act with a device that clips on to regular eye-wear.

Sports manufacturers are also developing fitness gear that monitor pulse and heart rate of exercisers and relays the information back to a handheld device. And with Google pushing on with their ideas for connecting all devices, wearable tech will be a fashion trend.

What will wearable tech mean for marketers?

You could argue that wearable tech is personal to the user at the minute and that private space cannot be breached. But developers are gradually creating apps that have the potential to improve the lives of users.

And this provides opportunities for smart marketers. Not only does wearable tech provide a new platform to connect with customers, but you can also use the data to learn more about your customers and their needs.

Advertising on smaller landscapes is a challenge of course, but targeting wearable tech devices will not be far removed from mobile marketing. Even still, let’s look at your marketing options.
Fitness fanatics

The biggest lifestyle choice the wearable tech will impact is likely to be health and fitness which gives marketers in these industries a wealth of opportunity to connect with customers.

If you cease the initiative you could create an app that offers health tips and advice to users after a workout, either based on their performance or their bodily needs after a workout.

Location and emotion

Tech fibres stitched into clothing can read biological responses which can give you an impression of how a person is feeling. Do they need cheering up or are they so excited they will be more receptive to suggestion?

Using location based technology already available for mobile marketing, not only can you identify where a customer is but also what mood they are in. This presents multiple opportunities for brands to provide tonics or highs.

Create convenience

The core philosophy behind mobile technology is to make people’s lives easier and more convenient. Wearable tech goes one step closer to achieving this. For starters a smartwatch negates the need for user to take their phone out of the bag or pocket.

Marketing messages should therefore be glanceable, but you can take advantage of the technology in-store by setting up mobile pay systems that make it quick and easy for customers to purchase.

Video messaging

The focus of marketing in the modern landscape is to be more personal, and wearable tech allows brands to put a face to a company. Think Star Trek and you can easily cross the gap between sending a text and a quick voice message.

We are already starting to find virtual assistants on company websites proving to be effective and a short video message consumers can retrieve from their smartwatch gives the impression they are speaking to a real person rather than a faceless brand.

Wearable tech may not be quite ready to go yet, but there is little doubt it will be the next trending market. It is wise therefore for online businesses to group their mobile marketing team together and come up with ideas to market your products.