Social media conceptAdvertising on Vine is arguably one of the hardest challenges creative marketers face. What can you say in 6 seconds? Yet there are five Vine tweets posted a second, which means a lot of marketers are recognising the value in the quick-vid platform.

The reason for the huge interest in Vine may be because a six second video is not all that difficult to make if you have the right ideas. The 15 billion Vine loops played daily probably has something to do with it too.

So if you do need inspiration for your Vine ads, here are five angles you can use to make the creative process easier.

Introduce yourself

There’s not much you can say to sell a product in six seconds, but you can say hello in that time. Your website is your virtual store, your digital shop window. Customers see all that through your website, but they don’t see your team, the faceless sales staff. Put yourself in the picture and your audience get a better image of you, your company and your brand.

Demonstrate your product

If you can do something with your product in six seconds, do it. Show your audience what your product is and the results it will give you. If it takes more than six seconds, speed up the footage so the results are akin to a Benny Hill sketch minus the scantily glad models…although…

Get your customers to post vines

Even better than demonstrating products yourself, get your customers to do it. This obviously works better for B2B customers who want to promote their services, but by doing so can promote yours, so be on the look-out for opportunities, and if you have an idea, there is no harm in suggesting content ideas to online businesses that actively produce content.
Create intrigue

Humans are curious by nature. We cannot let things go without knowing what happens next. Don’t you just hate it when the adverts cut in on dramatic cliff hangers? Generate enough intrigue and viewers will follow the white rabbit.

Make a series

An extension of the idea above is to make a series. Coming back to the point about cliff hangers, have you noticed how people talk about soap operas more when the storyline is stretched out and takes another twist. Vine is a great platform for story-telling and with just one idea, you have weeks or even months of content.

Marketing is about evoking emotion in your audience, and by deciding what reaction you want from your audience, helps you focus your ideas into a six-second package.