youtubeYouTube is the largest video hosting site on the net and with one billion unique visitors a month, getting your marketing video wrong is not an option.

The popularity of the platform is because it is free to register and account and post motion pictures. But there is also a comments field for users to leave comments. And YouTube users do not mix their words. Don’t all them to throw daggers.

Furthermore, the high volume of videos posted on a daily basis makes it more difficult for marketing videos to stand out, therefore don’t make these three marketing mistakes with your video marketing strategy.


Your video will ultimately be defined by the nature of its content. The first hurdle you have to get over is attracting eyes to watch it. The second hurdle is for viewers to take action after watching it.

Slick cinematography and good sound quality go a long way to keeping viewers watching, but the most important thing is for the video to contain rich content and that your message is given the time it deserves.

For example, if you have a product that people are passionate about such as cars, viewers are happy to watch a 10-minute detailed explanation of the car, see the interior and how the gadgets work than a 1-minute video of the car in action.

Hi-res images

Smartphone screens and HD televisions have spoiled us. After watching pin sharp and pristine images, anything grainy or low-res is not acceptable. Consumers will judge your video on performance, and if you shoot low-quality resolution videos, it is a reflection that your company produces low quality products.

Include SEO-friendly tags

Remember those one billion annual videos we mentioned earlier? Well, releasing your video on YouTube is like releasing a fish into the ocean. If you want people to see it, they have to be able to find it.

This is where knowledge of SEO keywords and metatags come in. YouTube has a search engine powered by Google, thus is as powerful and works exactly the same way.

Not only do you need a strong headline that includes your master keywords, you also need to include a detailed introductory write up explaining what the video is about.

You do not have to explain what the watcher is likely to expect, but raise enough curiosity so they are enticed into watching. And include as many keyword phrases as possible without making the write-up too long-winded or reading like a list a keywords. It has to make sense and be written for humans.

Finally, don’t forget to include metatags and pop your video in the relevant categories. If you are accustomed to loading up blog posts this should not require any explanation.

If you are not aux fait with blogging platforms, check out a YouTube video about how to enter metatags.