Time For New Content TypewriterVideo content has fast become the king of online lead generation and new research from Software Advice highlights the benefits for B2B marketing. Not only is video the most widely used form of content in the sector, but it’s widely cited as the best way to generate a high volume of quality leads.

This won’t come as a surprise to many marketers who have seen the impact of video content on their clients’ conversion rates. But the study by Software Advice puts the prowess of video in numbers – which will reinforce the importance of video content for business owners.

Video content in numbers

In the study 92% of marketers confirmed they use video as the main driving force of their B2B content strategies. And video was the favourite choice for producing high volumes of quality leads that turn into closed sales.

However, not all video performs the same and live demos of products have been singled out as producing the highest-quality leads for B2B. Of marketers questioned, 45% cited live demos as “excellent” and 42% as “good” for generating leads that result in sales. While viewers are found to respond better when they get more information, rather than your typical sales pitch.

Why people respond to video

When volume of information is the key to generating leads video has a huge advantage over other forms of content. It’s said a picture paints a thousand words so if you apply that theory to moving footage – and include audio, dialogue and text – you’re looking at a wealth of communication in a very short space.

Which is important because time is vital when it comes to content and the sooner you can engage an audience the more chance you have of keeping them around. The key to video is creating a story that speaks your message effectively and gives viewers the information they’re looking for.

Closing the deal

Let’s take a look at live demos as an example. Prospects viewing a live demo are generally quite far down the conversion process (a key reason they generate so many leads). Which means you simply need to close the deal by answering those last few questions between your audience and the “buy” button.

The great thing about live demos is they are live – which gives you a chance to take questions directly from your viewers. This would normally take a bundle of research to find out what prospects need to know before buying your products – and its still important you do this. But with little more than a social network feed you can take live questions from your audience and answer them in a personal, engaging manner.

It’s no coincidence that trade shows are widely cited as the most effective offline method for generating leads. And live demos are the best way to recreate this personal experience between sales reps and potential customers. Engagement as ever is key and when it comes to B2B (and all forms of content marketing) video is your biggest asset in engaging high-quality leads.