Online marketing map and termsA report published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) indicates that content marketers in the UK were less effective in 2014 than the previous year.

The annual report shows that only 42% of content marketing professionals confirmed their campaigns had been successful – down from 48%. The results are causing some marketers to lose faith in content marketing all together.

However, it was determined that the underlying cause of the decline was because a content strategy had not been put in writing. 36 per cent of respondees said they didn’t even have a strategy.

Considering that an average of eight tactics were used to target four categories of audience, there is little wonder so many content marketing campaigns failed. Simply loading up a blog and posting the results to Facebook and other social networks is not a strategy.

Content strategy

A documented strategy allows you to create the right type of content for specific audiences. You should also be thinking about the type of device users are accessing the content from. Mobile content for example has to be small and easily digested thus is very different from advertorials targeting desktop users.

Your strategy should also include the type of technology you need to create engaging content (apps, infograph creation etc) together with the tools you will use to analyse the metrics and results.

If you do not know which types of content are effective and which are not, you are wasting time, money and effort doing something that does not serve a purpose.

Founder of CMI, Joe Pulizzi says “There are two critical factors that differentiate effective content marketers over the rest of the pack – having a documented content marketing strategy and following it very closely.”

UK marketers may be losing faith in content marketing, but the reason for that is because the focus shifted dramatically in 2014 and marketers did not figure out alternative strategies to make their content marketing campaigns work. We expect 2015 to tell a completely different story!