blog word cloud on digital tabletBloggers used to be the butt of office jokes – but things have changed. A good blogger with a strong army of followers can be very influential marketing tools, and can realistically increase your conversions.
Having said that, finding the right bloggers is not always easy and you can waste a lot of time chasing the wrong type and getting nowhere. Take heed of this advice and you will save yourself a lot of wasted energy.

Don’t try and reach out to celebrities

Celebrity bloggers are not interested in working for some unknown in the backwaters of Kent. Unless you are a recognised brand celebrities want to be associated with, you are wasting your efforts chasing them.
Celebrities are also expensive, so unless you do have some pulling power and a marketing budget to match, you will have more success looking elsewhere. Which brings us nicely to the next point…

Do find relevant bloggers

Relevant bloggers is key to your success, so look for influencers that specifically write about your products and philosophy.
For example, if you sell Apple phones, approaching a blogger that specialises in Android will not put you in front of the right audience.
To find the right blogger, look beyond the content they are publishing and determine whether their audience is your audience.
It nearly always is, but let’s say you have an app to alerts consumers to discounted clothes. A fashion blogger is good, but a price-conscious fashion blogger is better!

Don’t send generic emails

The manner in which you approach bloggers does matter. In most cases they are professionals and deserve some respect.
Too many marketers still consider them as geeky bloggers trying to be writers. This is disrespectful. They actually have a lot of knowledge in their field which is why they have such a healthy following of readers that trust them.
Therefore, your approach should be personal. Stroke their ego a little and comment on their work. And rather than saying something passive like, “I love your work”, offer an opinion on a piece they published recently.
The fact of the matter is you have to make a connection with bloggers in the same way you do with customers. Finding common ground and building a rapport will get you better results.

Do pay professionals

A professional blogger has to make a living and are likely to charge a fee. The amount they charge will depend on how influential they are. If they do charge, you will have to make a judgement call.
Before you agree to pay, ask the blogger if they can provide results from previous experiences they have had working with companies.
Working with bloggers does have its benefits, although finding the right fit for your products is not always easy. You will need patience and persistence, but eventually you will be rewarded.