Time For New Content TypewriterTo create a successful blog you need two things: a top writer who can produce quality and a marketing mind to connect it with a target audience. Which means the writer and marketer need to work in perfect sync to take content fro the planning stage to published blog posts that contribute to a wider strategy.

Which is why it makes sense to hire a writer with enough marketing know-how to think beyond their individual blog posts and build towards the bigger picture. Because there is no clear line between where writing ends and marketing begins; the two are synonymous when it comes to content marketing.

Strategy behind the words

Obviously it helps to hire a writer with some (up-to-date) understanding of SEO – keywords, anchor text and other on-page elements. But a successful blog is far more than a collection of separate articles and SEO copy, which calls for a blogger with a more strategic approach.

Just by looking at a number of business websites, you can see they hire a writer to cover their blog and leave it at that. If you’re lucky enough to find a writer who understands the importance of your audience and what they’re looking for then you have done well. But this doesn’t get your content very far without the marketing knowledge to get people reading your blog posts.

The wider roles of blog content

Blogging has been a vital part of building an online presence since the early days of the social web. Your blog page has a number of roles to play and if you ignore any of them, you’re not getting the most from your content strategy.

Aside from giving search engines to index your content and a platform to put your keyword strategy into action, blogs are a direct link to your target audience. Which is why you’ll hear the term quality crop up so much. Top blog content not only gives your audience something valuable but it gives you a chance to keep them on your website and direct them along the conversion process. To do this you need readers though, which means you need a writer who knows how to reach out and find your audience.


If you want your blog posts to be read you need to build an audience. Guest blogging, social media and SEO are all vital parts of building your online presence and to get the most of these channels your writer needs to understand each of them.

Guest blogging, for example, has changed a lot in recent years and it takes a much more strategic approach to build links naturally and grow your audience. While using social media to channel traffic towards your on-page content requires a pathway of content, linking your social audience towards your website.

So the line between writer and marketer needs to fade if you want to get the most from your blog and other content channels. And if you plan to invest more into digital marketing for 2015, start by hiring a writer who knows the industry.