blog word cloud on digital tabletSuccessful content marketing campaigns rely on your ability to attract traffic to your blog. It is therefore worth your while to invest time, and if needs be money, to grow your blog using tried and proven tactics.

This is how the experts do it.

Create traffic

If you are new to blogging, it is difficult to attract a significant amount of organic traffic. You therefore need to create traffic through alternative avenues such as social media networks, blog forums and community forums.

Your objective at this stage is to build an audience that will have a genuine interest in your content. You will not attract readers if the content does not relate to their interests.

Start by trawling through social networks and community forums and answer any questions that are posted by users looking for answers. If you have already written content that is relevant to the question being asked then great, give a short reply and leave a link back to your article where the user can find further information.

If you do not have relevant content posted to your blog already, cease the opportunity to create content. This tactic not only helps you create ideas for your blog, but gives you a better understanding of your audience and enables you to build an online reputation as an expert in your field.

Build relationships

Building relationships with your followers is a skill in and of itself. As mentioned above, interaction with forum users and social media followers enable you to identify a relevant audience, rather than connecting with as many contacts as possible. Quality is better than quantity.

You can also try approaching other writers that publish cross-over content. You may read an article that mentions a subject you have covered in more detail. Ask the owner of the website, if they would like to include a link back to your article in order to give their audience more information.

Building relationships in this way will also give you an “earned” inbound link that is excellent for page rank. The more people linking back to your site, the higher you will rank in search engine results.

Remain consistent

Once you have started to attract a reasonable amount of followers, publish content consistently. Ideally, you should be posting content regularly, although because of time and financial constraints this option is not available to everyone.

If you can only post one or two times a week, make sure to post on the same day so your followers know they can expect to find something. If you post content for a couple of weeks in a month, and then nothing at the end of the month, readers will stop visiting your site.

Look for news stories

If you can pounce on breaking news and post the story before other writers, you will attract inquisitive followers that hone in on new developments. Set up RSS feeds with leading industry magazines and blog writers you admire to catch news snippets when they are most fresh.

Once you have posted the news story, write relevant content that has longevity. Search engines rank pages so the more visitors you have to a page the higher it will rank and turn up in search engine results.

Detailed articles that offer value over the long-term will continue to attract readers years after you initially posted the content.

Invest in quality

The quality of your content is vastly important. If your blog articles do not read well, or are thin on information, readers will not come back to read other posts. If you are not confident in your writing ability, it is better to pay a professional writer to maintain your blog for you.

If you do not have much in the way of financial resources to pay a professional writer, take the quality over quantity approach. Two quality posts a month are better than two low quality articles a week.

Don’t use your blog as a billboard

The principle purpose of a blog is to drive traffic to your site. The best way of doing this is to provide information readers want to know about. Your blog is effectively a sub-domain of your principle website where you are selling products and services.

Readers are quickly put off when they realise they are reading a sales pitch rather than impartial advice. You therefore have to be careful not to be too over enthusiastic about a product which you want to promote.

Blogs are a common trend among online businesses and with so many jostling for position, having a proven strategy to grow your blog will eventually see you anchor a high page rank in search engines.