Time For New ContentNot only does content writing challenge you to develop fresh and unique ideas, you also have to make an impression on your readers. Not easy, not every time anyway.

So how can you write content that resonates with readers? By tapping into their desires, interests and problems!

A content strategy is more than an SEO marketing tactic. It can help you to understand the needs and demands of your audience. Content writers should also be analysing customer data in order to have a better insight of your audience.

Being a good writer, means being a good researcher, and a good listener. You need to take on board what your audience is saying, and write content that answers their questions from an industry perspective.

Identifying content ideas

So you have listened to what your audience is saying, together with considering your company line and core philosophies, but still not sure what to write. Don’t worry, it’s natural. You just need a spark of inspiration.

Take a subject that most interests you and do a Google search. What are other writers publishing on this subject, and what headlines are they using? When you read their content, what resonates with you and what points could you improve on?

Also look for angles that other publishers in your field are not writing about. It helps to follow an industry magazine that is at the cutting edge of developments. If something in the news grabs your attention, you can do a quick bulletin for one piece of content then follow it up with a full length feature.

Compiling notes

You should be making notes and keeping records whilst doing all this by the way. When you look for subjects to write about, collecting titles is not enough, you should also be looking for interesting angles to pursue and developing critical points that are being discussed amongst your target audience.

However, whatever you do, don’t forget your content needs focus. Don’t try and cram issues that do not mix into one article. This is not good for SEO and probably won’t answer your readers question either. Content should be tightly focused around one theme although this may split into several branches.

Also look for other news items which cause problems your industry can help with. Likewise, if a large corporation launches a new product and you have merchandise or services that complement the mainstream product, you can tap into a market by creating content consumers will resonate with.

Tapping into emotions

Neuroscientists have discovered that emotions play a major role in our decision-making process. Consumers will take steps to purchase something if they have an emotional attachment to an item that goes beyond desire.

The most powerful content resonates with readers because it taps into their emotions. It gets into everyday life and the relationships people have with others or how they feel about specific events.

Modern marketing is evolving into story-telling more than ever before, and that involves developing characters and concepts that evoke emotions. Ads do not have to feature your product directly, they can simply deliver a message that falls in line with your product or services.

Find a new angle

A lot of industries only have a limited number of subjects they can write about. And this poses a problem for content writers looking for new and unique ideas. Ultimately you end up writing the same messages every month, even if you present them in a different way.

So you need a new approach. Looking at content from the perspective of your company’s core values and public image will give you different angles in which to approach familiar subjects.

If needs be, talk with your senior managers and stakeholders to determine what message they want the company to deliver. What is their vision for the evolution of the company and how can you use content to deliver their message and their vision.

Not every piece of content you write will resonate with your audience or even perform particularly well. But don’t stress over it as that will stagnate your writing even more. Ideas will come and more often than not you will find fresh and engaging angles that do resonate with your readers.