Digital story telling for brandsContent marketing can feel a bit like a Catch-22. You need to publish content to reach your audience and be visible online, but a lack of engagement is disconcerting.

There could be reasons for that of course. If your content does not provide value to readers, nobody will take notice. Check your bounce rates (combined with dwell time) in Google Analytics.

It could also be your products and services are not interesting enough for people to care about reading. For example, how many people are interested in reading about floor tiles? There is not much you can do about this.

Another reason your content is falling short may be timescales. Content marketing takes time to build up traffic. Three or four months is a realistic time period for your content to start making an impact.

If your content is underperforming, don’t give up on it too easily. But rather than investing time and money in fresh content, try reoptimising/rewriting your current content to make it more receptive to search engines and engaging for readers.

Reoptimising content

Check your content for keywords. Your keywords should appear in the main title, at least one subheading and in the first 100 words of the main body.

Some content marketers recommend a keyword density of around 3%, but since Google changed to a semantic algorithm, keyword density is not that important. Making your article read naturally is.

Internal link building

Links are important for search engines in a number of ways. Internal links guide Googlebots to related pages, but also helps them determine what pages on your site are most important.

Include internal links in your blog content and point them to your product or service pages. You should also link them to other blog articles you can direct readers to find more information about the point you are making.

You should also build links to your underperforming content from other blog posts. This will drive more traffic to the piece of content you want to improve engagement on.

Target the right audience

Whether you are promoting your content through social media networks or hoping to improve page rank in search engines, you need to target the right audience on the right device.

A successful social media marketing campaign hinges on the quality of your followers rather than the quantity. Social networks limit the amount of followers that receive your content.

If you have 1000 followers, but only 100 are interested in your brand, your content will not reach the right audience a great deal, which means you miss out on engagement and your content does not perform.

Search engines on the other hand direct customers to you with user-intent. This will attract the right audience, but it does not necessarily mean they will be compelled to read your content.

The majority of searches are performed on mobile devices, which means your content has to be suitable for mobile users. Nobody wants to read a 2000-word article on a 5-inch screen.

If you are covering a large topic, consider breaking the content up and publishing it as a series. This will make the page look less content-heavy and more digestible. It also encourages users to explore more pages of your site which improves your SEO.

Make your content entertaining

The final reason your content may be underperforming is because it is boring or poorly written. Consumers demand quality content to read and they are not satisfied with articles or images that do not pique their interest.

You may want to consider rewriting your existing content and publishing under another title – perhaps with a stronger keyword or a number of target key phrases to gain further impressions and reach additional queries.

Analyse the content your competitors are publishing and compare it with your own. How can you improve your content to make it more engaging than your rivals?

The key factor to remember about publishing “quality” is that it must offer some value to the reader. This may be information, advice, or just a damn good read. Develop a voice and a personality in your content that your customers enjoy reading.

Whether you are creating new content or re-working existing pieces, look for inspiration and be creative. And rather than wasting money on a content strategy that does not work, find a solution to make it work.  Alternatively, you can contact us to discuss an improved content marketing strategy based around your target audience needs and solutions you can provide.