Time For New Content TypewriterAs businesses invest more into content marketing the competition heats up and you have to raise your game. If you’re serious about converting sales from your content you can only get away with following the same old strategy for so long. Before you know it you’re audience will have a better offer come along and they’ll go elsewhere.

So the burning question you always need to ask yourself is what content does your audience really crave? As always you need to know your audience better than yourself and never take for granted their habits and tastes can change. And as things stand right now there are a few types of content that audiences everywhere can’t get enough of.

Content cravings

In a sense all content is the same – or at least the content that gets results. Your audience is simply after the information they need most at any given time and its your job to provide it. Where content starts to vary is in its format how you deliver this information and how effectively it engages.

We recently covered the value of video when it comes to generating high quality leads – and this is because you can communicate a huge amount of information is a short space of time. Not only is this vital when your audience is busy, but video combines a range of audio and visual elements to engage viewers in a deeper level.

The other hot trend in modern content is snappy stuff posted on social media. Whether it’s micro content designed to draw prospects through to your websites, infographics, or some branded imagery, people crave social content they can like, share and comment on.

While an often overlooked type of content is long-form articles. As the average online attention span grows ever shorter, its easy to assume people don’t like to read any more. But you’ll find long-form articles convert far more than their shorter counterparts. The challenge is convincing prospects that your larger content is worth the time it takes to read.

Alternative types of content

So if there’s such a thing as a holy trinity of web content it would be text, images and video. How you format and integrate these is another question entirely, but don’t rule out other forms of content too hastily. Because your audience may have other ideas.

There are many situations where people are too busy to stare at a screen and audio content has a role to play here. Videos aren’t much help to people while they’re driving, going out for a jog or walking through a busy city, but a podcast fits the role perfectly. While interviews, talks and a range of niche content needs (eg: language lessons) can all be heard while other forms of content won’t do.

Then we have free downloads – the best way to give your audience something for nothing. Regardless of what type of content, people crave freebies and downloads give you a chance to get your hands on those all-important email addresses. Digital downloads also open up more alternative forms of content to offer, like design freebies for websites, plugins and applications – whatever your audience craves most.