Time For New ContentIn today’s digital environment, content is the marketer’s weapon of choice in the battle for consumer attention. But content curation and all the shebang that comes with it can sometimes feel like flogging a dead horse.

Creating content, engaging with your audience on social media networks and analysing various stats is all time-consuming work and can be so frustrating you want to throw your PC out the window and go home.

But before you do anything hasty, take a look at these five tools to help improve content marketing results in half the time you are spending now.


A content marketing strategy should start with a list of content ideas. Brain storming sessions can easily devour an afternoon and leave you with a headache. Ditch the aspirin and reach for InboundWriter instead.

This clever tool gives you an insight into what type of content your target audience is lapping up. Get knee-deep into some topic profiles before you start typing your masterpiece and article titles will bounce off the top of your head like a football.


The importance video will play in online advertising over the coming years cannot be stressed enough. It will be THE number one content format. It catches the eye of consumers and leads to conversions. It’s a no-brainer!

Therefore, you should be hopping on to the video content making bandwagon asap. But isn’t that expensive? I hear you say. Yes, it is – ordinarily. But not with Directr.

This content app allows you to make videos on your phone and comes complete with hundreds of storyboard ideas to get you started. Registration is free, and although you do have access to some basic video making tools, it is worthwhile paying the annual subscription and learning how to be the Speilberg of online marketing.


So now you have your content ideas and means of making your ads, you need to find your audience – which can be a little like walking through a muddy swamp – you keep trying, but don’t really get anywhere.

If that is the case on Twitter, try Followerwonk. The app searches the profiles of Tweeters and churns out users that match your keywords. That’s a good month or two saved in audience building right there.


Social media protocol dictates that in order to earn respect from followers and engage your audience, you should be sharing content from other users as well as your own.

Fishing for suitable content that is actually worth sharing is a full-time job in itself, but you can cut the hours by using ContentGems to help you find shareable stuff.

This handy tool allows you to search criteria on dozens of topics from trusted sources that you are familiar with and like, otherwise, it introduces you to sites that publish content worth sharing. So everyone’s a winner!


It depends on how large and complex your content marketing strategy is, but if it is confusing, get a tool that can help you plan, measure and execute. And Spredfast in the Spanish Inquisition of the content marketing.

The beauty of Spredfast is that you can work in real-time and understand the impact of your content on social media networks. This then enables you to better target your audience with the right type of content. Other planning tools do not give you all this in one package.

If you are feeling bogged down with your content marketing strategy, a small investment to a useful tool or two will help you sharpen your virtual pencil and get to the core of your answers far more quickly than manually designing it with the rudimentary tool of yesterday’s digital world. We hope our 5 tools to improve content marketing results help you to achieve the outcome you’re after.