webAs the web becomes a more visual place for everyone, video content is the premium option for engaging your audience quickly and more effectively. The trouble with video content is it sends shivers down the spines of businesses owners on a tight budget.
The general consensus is that video doesn’t come cheap and unless you happen to have a camera crew, sound team and production staff, the concept of video content might seem out of reach. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as there are video options for every budget and we’re starting right at the bottom today with these free online tools to help you break into video content.


Powtoon is a free tool that allows you to create animated videos and presentations. The great thing about animations is you don’t need a film crew, sound team or actors – you just need the animators and PowToon gives everyone the chance. So if you really don’t have the budget for video content, start here and invest in a professional animator further down the line.


Wideo is a slightly more advanced approach to animated videos that comes with a bunch of paid packages. There’s also a free option that allows you to create 45s clips and keep 10 tracks in your sountrack library, plus 380 images. The most expensive plan gives you 15 minutes with 50 tracks and 1300 images for $49 a month or $399 per year. But there is no reason you can’t start with the free option – ideal for social videos and apps like Vine.


Superflix gives you a free platform for creating live action videos. Simply record your footage or take your snaps and upload them to Superflix to edit them into a final clip. Small businesses don’t need to worry about cutting edge filming equipment and star names – just a concept that will capture your audience and the right tools to help you bring it all together. Superflix makes this affordable with a free option and PRO sign up for $25 a month if you buy a year’s subscription.


Screenr is a free screencast application that lets you record exactly what is happening on your monitor screen. This will prove more useful to some businesses than others, but let’s say you run an IT business, for the sake of example. With Screenr you can record solutions to common problems your customers face, “how to” videos and a range of tutorial videos for Mac or PC.


Wistia is a video hosting and analytics tool designed with content marketing in mind. You can sign up to free or paid options that come with increasingly advanced features – including customised media players, engagement graphs and collaboration tools. You can sign up for a free account or the Small Business plan for $25 a month and a Team account for $100 per month.

Get out there and create
With this range of free tools available there is no excuse for website owners to ignore video content. The cost fears are less relevant now than ever and your only obstacle is enough creativity to put these tools to use.