IpadGoogle is improving its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service consistently. The latest tools including in AdWords help marketers to be even more competitive in the market and raise your online visibility.

But despite Google’s power tools there are a string of third party tools you can use to boost your paid advertising campaigns. Below are some of the best tools to help give you a competitive edge.

Split testing

Experienced PPC campaigners understand the need for testing ads before they get it right, but it can be a time-consuming drag working out all the data to determine which ads are turning in the best performance.

A free tool offered by splittesting.com resolves that issue and saves you a whole heap of time. When you run your ads through the split test it gives you a clear winner whereby you can drop the loser. The tool also enables you to run split tests across other metrics such as conversion tools on your website.

Keyword Wrap

So you have run the Keyword Planner exercise and now have a list of keywords to work with. You have a lot of keywords don’t you!? And you don’t know what to do with them all do you!?

What you need to do is decide whether to run your keywords as exact matches or broad matches. But to do that manually takes ages. Using the free AdWords Wrapper tool from mikes-marketing-tools however, sorts out you campaign within seconds.

AdWords performance grader

Talking about time-saving tools, the AdWords performance grader gives you 40 hours of data analysis in 60 seconds. Once your PPC campaign is set-up and underway in the Google platform, you can streamline your performance checking in a few swift clicks.

The performance checker brings up all the data from key metrics which gives you a scalable overview of everything you need to know. See what is working and what needs changing in a glance all on a one-page report.


Setting up PPC campaigns is repetitive and time-consuming, but with Optmyzr, you have a one-click solution that shaves around 80% off the time it takes for initial stage set-up so you can swiftly move on to the important end stages where the important decisions are needed.

And there is more. This nifty tool gives you big data insights that can help you make the important decisions. The daily trends overview enables you to identify key indicators such as Geo bid and device bid modifiers, negative keywords and Quality Score optimisation stats.

Single reporting

In-depth PPC reporting can take a couple of days, but with the BidCops audit tool you can pull valuable data in less than a minute. And the reports are pretty detailed. You can set up single reports for any data analysis you want ranging from budget to conversions.

The data provided in these reports enable you to better manage your AdWords campaign in every aspect without flicking between lists and reports that give you an analytical headache. This is an easy-to-use tool that can help boost your sales.

PPC AdWords is a great way of increasing visibility and improving your conversion rate, but using Google tools alone is much more time-consuming than PPC campaigns need to be. Get a helping hand and you can improve you Ad performance in far less time.