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Are You An ‘Out of The Ordinary’ Technical SEO Executive?

Are you intrigued by web crawling, spiders, robots.txt, the process of crawling, indexing and query refinement?

Do you believe in the power of XML sitemaps?  Are you excited at the prospect of technical future of mobile SEO, AMP, PWAs and more?  Yes… We want to hear from you

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We go beyond just checking server response codes and the stats in Google Search Console.

Our team members will be excited at the prospect of crawling websites and understanding the paths that search engines take through a site and why certain URLs are visited more often than others, with a view to optimising this on projects (crawl optimization and crawl efficiency).

Of course, we do check server response codes as part of the day to day.

To neglect this aspect of technical SEO would be a mistake.  Applicants for this type of role will be really interested in getting right into the heart of sites.  They’ll be interested in extending their coding skills.  They’ll likely have some decent experience with web markup such as HTML (including HTML5), CSS (including CSS3), Javascript technologies and Javascript frameworks such as node.js, angular.js.

They’ll maybe be experienced in Twitter’s bootstrap framework.  They’ll have more than a passing interest in mobile search optimization and the emerging technologies around this area such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), Service Workers and even potentially native apps.

We don’t expect applicants to be gurus in these fields (they are emerging after all), but having a strong interest and enthusiasm for these developments will certainly make them stand out from the crowd.

If you’ve experience with canonicals and how to use these correctly (you’d be surprised how many don’t), and href lang internationalisation, even better.

Applicants are likely to have experience with tools such as Screaming Frog, maybe Botify or Deepcrawl, SEMRush, to name a few.

They’ll be keen to learn how to do technical SEO audits, even if they haven’t carried them out before.  T

hey’ll be keen to learn and keep on learning throughout the course of their time with Move It Marketing.

Your work will contribute to the technical roadmaps of client projects across multiple domains in many instances, so you’ll have a keen eye for detail and spotting the unusual or anomalies.

You won’t be afraid to question what you see either.

You’ll also be keen to always keep abreast of the continually changing search landscape as standard, including algorithmic updates and Google’s Search Quality Raters guidelines and Google Webmaster Guidelines.

From a qualifications perspective this type of candidate is likely to hold at least a BSC in Computing or Computer Science, although again, relevant experience both professionally or in personal interests and projects will also be considered if academic qualifications are not present.

Applying For This Role

If you are interested in applying for this role, please send your cv with covering letter to [email protected]



Whilst we don’t mean to be rude, we cannot stress clearly enough that we do not accept applications via recruitment agencies.  Nor, do we want to receive telephone calls or emails from recruitment agencies.  We are on the corporate telephone preference service, and prospective calls from recruitment agencies will be treated as unsolicited marketing calls.  We do not have either the time, nor inclination to deal with recruitment agency prospective calls, and in particular, we do not have tolerance for those agencies who attempt to contact us under the guise of ‘new business’, or those who try to make it past the gate-keepers with tales of “we were speaking before”.  Please be advised, that if we receive unsolicited marketing calls from recruitment agencies we will report them to the Information Commissioners Office as unsolicited marketing calls.

All other suitably qualified, or experienced, online marketing candidates are welcome to contact us regarding career opportunities with Move It Marketing.

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