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Are You An ‘Out of The Ordinary’ Digital PR & Content Marketing Executive?

Do you know what makes an audience ‘tick’?  If you don’t know what makes that audience tick, do you make it your quest to find out?

Do you get excited at the prospect of creating superbly exciting and ‘on the button’ content for website users across multiple projects?

Do you know how to use audience personas and how to map the typical user journeys via digital assets to determine the most appropriate messaging for the right people at the right time?  Do you love the notion of building relationships with influencers across a number of niches and online channels?

Yes? …We want to hear from you.

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Are you excited by content and all its possibilities to engage and enthuse an audience via emotive reactions?

Have you experience working to build relationships with niche influencers in either an agency or in-house role previously?  Are you perhaps a PR or digital marketing graduate or, in the absence of a degree at least 1-2 years experience in a digital marketing role?

Do you know how to mark-up content so that search engines can also understand the relevance to a subject matter within the piece?  You’ll need it.  We expect our digital PR and content marketing executives to be aware that they’re producing content for both search engines and humans.  Our mantra… You can have the best dress in the world, but if you’re in a dark room with the lights turned off, no-one will see it.  We’re talking of course about the millions of pieces of website content lying in the depths of the internet.  Un-optimised for search engines, un-optimised for humans.  Content simply produced for the sake of producing content and meeting quotas.  Less is more in our book.  We’d prefer quality over quantity all day long.  Don’t worry though if you’re not a coding genius.  We’ll teach you.  We ask you bring your enthusiasm to learn and go beyond what the eye can see.  You’d primarily be bringing your creative spark and enthusiasm for gathering momentum behind brands via the buzz you generate for them online.

On a day to day basis these are the type of activities you’d be carrying out:

  • Identifying industry influencers and identifying paths to connect with them via degrees of separation online
  • Learning the ins and outs of clients’ offerings so you can work with them to ensure they’re front of mind when their target audience needs a product or service offering provided by the client.  You’ll work with social media executives either in the clients own team or within Move It Marketing collaboratively to grow the social media presence for the client.
  • Producing strategies designed to deliver outreach, reach influencers and all-round digital PR
  • Creating digital press releases
  • Reaching out to build relationships via a number of communication channels which will include social media, the telephone and email outreach
  • Identifying the content which industry influencers engage with and using that to inform the digital PR and content creation strategy
  • Reporting on successes and the less-successful results from campaigns with a view to informing future strategy
  • Production of content timelines and identification of appropriate content types to meet the informational needs of users
  • Attendance of key industry events

Applicants are likely to have experience with PR and content marketing tools such as Buzzsumo, Buzzstream, Answer The Public and more.

They’ll be keen to learn how to carry out content audits, gap analysis, SWOT and PESTEL reports and formulate strategies to implement, even if they haven’t carried them out before.  They’ll be keen to learn and keep on learning throughout the course of their time with Move It Marketing.

Your work will contribute to the knowledge bases of the users and visitors to client projects across multiple domains in some instances.  You’ll also be reporting on your efforts as you go along because we believe in measurement and fail fast, fail frequently if necessary, in order to find the right combinations along the way.

Applying For This Role

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Whilst we don’t mean to be rude, we cannot stress clearly enough that we do not accept applications via recruitment agencies.  Nor, do we want to receive telephone calls or emails from recruitment agencies.  We are on the corporate telephone preference service, and prospective calls from recruitment agencies will be treated as unsolicited marketing calls.  We do not have either the time, nor inclination to deal with recruitment agency prospective calls, and in particular, we do not have tolerance for those agencies who attempt to contact us under the guise of ‘new business’, or those who try to make it past the gate-keepers with tales of “we were speaking before”.  Please be advised, that if we receive unsolicited marketing calls from recruitment agencies we will report them to the Information Commissioners Office as unsolicited marketing calls.

All other suitably qualified, or experienced, online marketing candidates are welcome to contact us regarding career opportunities with Move It Marketing.

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