Big enough to know, small enough to care about your business growth

Why Choose Move It For Your SEO & Online Marketing Needs?

Our intelligence and data-driven results-oriented approach has proven a huge success for clients – evident in the lasting relationships resulting in long-term and high retention rates.  We help our clients achieve the success they need to grow their business via continued refinement, measurement and innovative strategic recommendations for increased revenues

Who we are

We’re a boutique digital marketing agency providing a range of intelligent data and creativity driven search marketing strategies. Small enough to provide a dedicated, granular level of services, big enough to keep abreast of cutting edge industry search strategies

An extension of your team

Because we’re a small team we’re able to give a totally dedicated service to them, closely aligned with client’s in-house teams. Move It Marketing was born as a result of a number of recommendations from one client to another for the agency.  Up until 2014 we had never chosen to publicise our services at all and only add on a few clients annually.  If you don’t have the necessary in-house resource we can provide a full digital marketing and search engine optimization fulfillment service in addition to strategic direction, audits and recommendations.

We're recommended by others

Working by recommendation alone we’ve built long-lasting relationships with clients, other contractors, in-house teams, our suppliers and staff.  One of the reasons for this is the long retention history with clients, and an ongoing relationship with them traversing many changes in the digital marketing and SEO landscape in a relatively short space of time.  Clients have continued to see growth through those updates and that’s what matters most.  We adjust as search and online users change; and they’re always changing.

Based In Manchester but servicing UK and International clients

Whilst we’re based up North, in Manchester, UK you’ll be surprised to hear that many clients are based in London or internationally, albeit we do work with some companies and brands in the Manchester area. The nature of the work that we carry out means that we’re able to work effortlessly with any organisation, regardless of their location via conference call, skype and email of course.

Collaboration is king

Collaboration and agility are of the utmost importance to us, and we’re always looking at ways in which we can be effective and efficient with our systems and by working alongside clients’ systems. We work with you for the long term.  We can work as an extension of your marketing operation, continually pursuing an integrated digital marketing approach, or provide a strategy for your team to work with.

Growing year on year

Established in 2012 by technical and International SEO consultant and digital marketing university lecturer Dawn Anderson, Move It Marketing has gone from strength to strength, growing year on year.  Dawn has been working online in digital since 2005 and prior to that founded several businesses.

Highly experienced

Our highly experienced technical SEO experts work side by side with digital PR and content marketing to ensure targeted, balanced and continually effective ongoing organic search results are achieved. Given the local, mobile, social, commerce approach search engines are now taking to ensuring users find what they want, when they want, where they want, on appropriate devices, we can also help with targeting for bricks and mortar businesses with local SEO services.

Qualified marketers

We’re not just qualified as marketers; we lecture and train other marketers too; in Universities, educational institutions, at meet-ups and conferences.  In fact, we’ve spoken on SEO and digital strategy at some of the World’s leading online marketing conferences, including PubCon, and MozCon.

Hand picked specialists

We don’t restrict ourselves to having to work with the pickings from the limited local Manchester pool of talent, but a global pool of real digital specialists.  Quality matters over location.  We work with a range of highly skilled and experienced specialists with a mix of graphic designers, technical SEO, paid search technical SEO, copywriting and content production staff, web developers and programmers and outreach / PR specialists.  Each carefully selected to work on projects that we know they’ll do a great job on.  Many of our team have worked as senior team members within the digital industry.

Free Online Visibility Analysis

If you’re wondering what could be possible for your brand, we’ll carry out an initial digital marketing online visibility analysis of your website and let you know what growth you could achieve realistically and what success would look like.

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0161 241 5151

Here’s What People Think

“Move It Marketing have delivered results on every occasion. I’m delighted to be able to recommend them as an SEO and digital marketing agency.”

Ross Edwards

Travelworld Motorhomes

“Dawn has always been very knowledgeable about SEO and best practices and works well with us to ensure our design/build processes are not compromised when trying to architect a site to work well with the search engines.”

Jill Quick

Quick Marketing

“We’ve collaborated with Move It for many years with clients in competitive sectors.  They has always been very knowledgeable about SEO for processes when trying to architect a site to work well with search engines.

Richard Burkitt


How We Can Help You Grow

Paid search campaigns driven by data

Paid Search and Paid Social

Winning PPC strategies to reach your audience via paid search and social channels.  Maximum visibility managed efficiently

Move It digital marketing agency can help your business grow with digital PR

Digital PR

Getting brand visibility online won’t happen without a clear strategy driven by public relations.  Winning strategies supported by intelligent data and content marketing to reach the right influencers

Our content strategies can hit the right emotive triggers with your target audience

Content Marketing

Relevant high quality content ideation, creation and amplification is a powerful tool for campaigns.  Engaging, rich content for key target audiences for brand buzz and greater online visibility



Maximum visibility and crawlability in search engine results for more traffic and the opportunity to lead to conversion


Getting visitors to your site is only the beginning of the journey

Social media strategies targeted at your key personas

Social Media

Target the right customers at the right time in their environment of choice with the right message