How Do You Decide Which SEO Agency Is Right For Your Business?

digital-marketing-strategyAs SEO becomes an increasingly tricky marketing strategy, more businesses choose to hire a specialist agency to take care of the technical side for them. Search optimisation has become a bit of a minefield after a string of Google algorithm updates shook the industry – and continue to do so. Take a wrong turn and you can get your website blacklisted from Google search results, which spells disaster for businesses that relies on a strong online presence.

Over the last few years SEO has certainly become one of those things you need to do properly, if you intend to do it at all – so it makes sense that more business owners want to hire an agency to know they are in safe hands.

If only life was so simple

Sadly, things are never quite that simple and we still get clients coming to us because they have been given poor advice by SEO agencies that haven’t kept up with the industry developments. In fact, a recent client came to me with a keyword strategy that has been out of date and quite dangerous for half a decade now.

We would love to tell you that this is a rare occurrence and an isolated incident, but that simply isn’t the case. Although this is a fairly extreme example, we often have clients approach us after another agency has sold them an out-of-date strategy – which means business owners need to know more about hiring the right kind of SEO agency.

SEO is always changing, which means agencies need to

Because SEO is constantly evolving there is no list of techniques or services you can always rely on when it comes to selecting the right agency. Some of the techniques we use today will be less effective or forgotten entirely in five years’ time – but there are some ways to make sure an agency is keeping up with the industry.

When you search for SEO agencies a great way to get an idea for how up-to-date they are is by taking look at their blog. Keep an eye out for recent articles that mention changes to Google features and algorithm updates – because they come thick and fast. The kind of agency you want will have a blog full of articles that talk about change, new features and the fresh challenges search engines throw at us.

Knowledge is power

If you want to clue yourself up on the latest developments and learn more about what an agency should be doing, you can always turn to the likes of Moz, Search Engine Land and other leading names in the industry. Read up on their blogs and you will get an idea of the kind of questions you need to ask and the sort of answers you want to hear.

And of course, you can always rely on us for the latest in digital marketing and SEO, so be sure to check back with us and get in touch if you have any questions.