Sign pole social media on whiteSocial media networks have become the number one platform for marketers to launch content in the face of their followers.

However, poor content and bad advertising gives your brand a bad reputation, quickly followed by a mouse click on the unfollow button.

Get your social media strategy right however, and you can leverage your online business and generate more conversions. Here are a five tactics to engage readers.

Use images wisely

Images include photos, video footage, animation and infographs. They can obviously be used in several different ways, but the key purpose is to attract the reader’s attention and compel them to click-through to the content on your website.

According to a survey conducted by socialmediaexaminer, content with photos receive much more engagement than content with no images – and without fail. Furthermore, 82% of marketers that launch promotional videos report higher levels of engagement.

Quality over quantity

It has become a sneaky custom of social media networks to extract cash from business customers using their platforms as virtual billboards. The ultimatum is to either pay to pitch your posts, otherwise they will only reach a small percentage of followers.

A few years back it was the trend to accumulate as many followers as possible to increase the chances of attracting traffic. Social networks have kicked that into touch.

The aim of the game now is to find an audience that WANT to receive your content and actually engage with your posts. Look for the followers that share a genuine interest rather than clocking up numbers.

Be transparent

Online consumers want to be able to trust companies they buy from. Word of mouth, peer to peer reviews and great customer service still control the reins of marketing.

And social media gives you the ideal opportunity to get great feedback about your products and service. You can leverage your business by being transparent.

Whilst there is nothing wrong from encouraging your clients to leave feedback, you can proactively engage in dialogue with customers by using social media networks as your customer service tool.

Be on hand to answer questions, post FAQ’s, fish for testimonials and above all show your aptitude for resolving problems. If a customer has a complaint, be swift to react in a cordial and helpful manner. Humans make mistakes, it’s the way you own up and resolve them that gets you the applause.

Host a contest

Running a contest, challenge or offering giveaways have proven to be excellent ways of attracting audience engagement. Few people reject free stuff or a bargain, and a surprising amount of social users are happy to join in on a contest if it is fun. Photo selfies are known to go viral!

Interview influential figures

Perhaps not a realistic solution for everybody, but most industries have influential figures. This does not necessarily have to be a famous person, but maybe a public speaker or even a self-confessed expert will do providing they have relevant work to show for it.

Your influential figure may even be a spokesman of a recognised company in your industry or a well-known brand name you sell. There is no harm approaching companies and individuals to ask for an interview. Given you are giving them exposure, you will be surprised with the number of people that will accept your invitation.

Companies that do not have a giant budget to blow on paid social advertising, have to think of more creative ways of attracting an audience, and although ideas present a greater challenge than firing of an electronic payment, positive results are more rewarding.