webThe majority of advice you read about PPC marketing is about what you should do. But we like to be different so thought we would explain which paid advertising strategies do not work.

After all, advice about potential paid ad pitfalls is just as valuable as proven strategies that do work.

Let’s just dive straight into this shall we!

Keep an eye on spending

It’s easy to set up your PPC campaign, then just forget about it and leave Google to do the rest. But whilst you’re busying yourself with other things and waiting for leads from your PPC campaign, your budget is being eaten into.

So what if you are not getting results? Money not very well spent. Check on your PPC campaign at least twice a day, one around midday and one just before the end of office hours. You need to track you ad performance in case tweaks are required for the next day.

Crossover keywords

Keywords are the all-important element of PPC campaigns. Every time someone clicks on your ad, you pay. Therefore, you need to ensure that your keywords relate specifically to the type of audience you are targeting.

If you include keywords in your ad campaign that can show up for a cross-over search query you are potentially throwing money down the inter-flute. Therefore be specific about your target audience and label ads with accurate promotion descriptions.

Don’t ignore best practice PPC advice

Setting up a PPC ad may appear to be a simple task, or a complicated one if you are not tech savvy, but whatever your first impressions are, always look for advice from free professional sources.

Wordtracker is a good place to start for learning how to set-up ads, but also gives vital marketing tips that help your ads stand out. Again, some of this may appear to be obvious such as Use Capitals At The Beginning Of Every Word together with a call to action, but it is the simple flaws that are the most overlooked.

Don’t overlook keywords in ad URL

PPC campaigns are more effective when you have dedicated landing pages to drive traffic towards. The reason for doing this is because you can include targeted keywords in your URL which not only indicates relevance to search engines, but also reinforces and expands your marketing message.

Avoid bidding for #1 spot

Yes, we know it would be nice to be listed in top spot even in paid ads, but if you do not have the marketing budget to compete with larger firms, using broad, expensive keywords will evaporate your budget without little response.

It is better to use affordable keywords that target an audience without competing for the most used keywords. Yes this requires testing, testing, one, two, three times or more. Besides top spots are often overlooked because people like a choice.

Paid ad campaigns can take a while to perfect, and not every promotion will work using the same strategies. However, knowing strategies that never work at least gives you a head start every time you launch a PCC campaign.