Online marketing map and termsOnline marketing involves significant trust factors. Search engines have built Trust scores into their algorithms, and consumers what assurances before they buy from online stores.

So before you can improve your search engine rank and convert browsers into buyers, you need online creditability.

Peer to peer recommendations

Arguably one of the best features on the internet is the opportunity consumers have to leave comments about products and services and tell it how it really is.

As consumers, we want the best our money can buy, both products and experiences. But purchasing items online carries more of a risk than buying from a physical store.

Peer to peer reviews in magazines, together with platforms like TripAdvisor etc, comments fields and social media networks reveal the bigger picture about a brand, so providing you are deliver quality service and provide excellent products, your customers are also ambassadors for sales.

Data protection

Keeping the private information of your customers safe should be a top priority for eCommerce sites that receive bank details. If your company’s IT security is breached it could destroy brand loyalty and effect future sales.

Recruit influencers

Recruiting influencers is not a far cry from the word of mouth advertising that occurs in peer to peer reviews. The only difference is you are more likely to attract a chunk of traffic rather than a steady flow.

Influencers are bloggers, industry leaders or celebrities that endorse your brand and products. They have a swathe of followers that will be influenced by what the person has to say.

With a rubber-stamped endorsement from an influencer your online stock of credibility is cranked up several notches in a short space of time. It is therefore worth your while looking into recruiting influencers to spread a good word.

Position yourself as an expert in your field

Together with Trust scores, search engines also consider “authority” when ranking websites. Authority is based on your knowledge and expertise in whatever industry you represent.

The only way for search engines to assess your authority score is by publishing content. This is then graded on the amount of visitors you attract and how much they engage with your content.

However, for websites that are lower down the ranking ladder, the number of organic visitors may not be enough for your authority scores to improve very quickly. Therefore, you need to build an online profile and position yourself as an expert in your field.

To do this, publish content on third party sites, preferably industry magazines that reach a large audience and drive traffic to your site. You should also be taking advantage of Q&A sharing sites like Quora and pedestal yourself as a thought leader.

Also be active on social media networks to give advice and present your specialist knowledge. Do not limit communication channels, but don’t overload yourself with networking either.

Online credibility is essential for the future success of your online business and this means making yourself visible and encouraging your customers to talk you up. There are plenty of channels on which you can gain leverage, now all you have to do is find a way of getting a leg up.