Business People's Hands Holding The Speech Bubble With BusinessChanges in search engine algorithms have made digital marketing more difficult, but there are still three main drivers to guarantee a successful online campaign; mobile content, guest blogging and social media.

Let’s take a look at each and discuss the benefits.

Mobile content

As more consumers rely on their mobile handsets to access the web, mobile content is increasingly becoming an essential part of any marketing campaign. Mobile content is predicted to top $400bn in the US this year, $139bn more than 2012.

According to WebDam, two-thirds of mobile users access social media sites using their mobile phone. Given social media is one of the leading platforms to connect with your customers, publishing content designed specifically for mobile becomes vitally important.

The key to creating mobile content is to think small. Make your content bite-sized and accessible. Your content also needs to load quickly so don’t weight it down with data. Limit the number of images to one reduce the size and don’t overload your page with video.

If you are posting textual content, limit the words to between 200 and 400 words and write short sentences that are well spaced. Cumbersome text looks too much like heavy reading on small screens.

Guest blogging

Bad SEO practices have given guest blogging a poor reputation, but the fact of the matter is that publishing guest content helps to raise brand awareness and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

When guest blogging is done well, you can expect to attract more organic traffic from an already established readership base. Ideally you should be contributing to a top ranking magazine, or at the very least one that has a substantial following.

Internet users want information they can trust and by offering sound advice you can build an online reputation web users trust. Your content should therefore be geared to providing readers with industry insights in a way they understand.

Search engines have put an emphasis on content that is unique and offers value to the reader. Simply by writing a complicated subject in layman’s terms can be considered unique and adds value. You don’t have to come up with information nobody knows, but find methods of publishing old news in new ways.

Social Media

Despite the efforts of social media networks to cull the number of organic ads reaching your audience, Adweek report 70% of marketers will be increasing ad spend on social media marketing this year.

Hubspot also published a survey that declared 92% of online businesses say social media marketing was fundamental to an increase in organic traffic and sales. But social networks are more than a platform to promote your products and services.

It is general practice to filter content through social media sites and readers can like and share information among their friends and followers in one easy click directly from a webpage. Content sharing is a significant culture users have adopted seamlessly.

This not means that your content has a greater chance of reaching a wider audience, but also raises brand awareness and brand trust – especially if you are publishing engaging content that provides trustworthy and valid information.

There is a rumour circling that SEO is dead. This is not true, it’s just the goalposts that have shifted. At present, content is still king, but marketers have to be more savvy in the type of content they create and for the kind of devices their audience is using. Digital marketing may be more difficult, but the developments are certainly more exciting!