Make a WebsiteBuilding a website and spending valuable man hours on your SEO strategy is a waste of time and money if you are not earning click-throughs and conversions.

So here are ten helpful tips that will make the groundwork worth your while:

Write the call to action like a headline

It is well known that powerful headlines improve click-through rates. So why would the same principle not apply for calls to action? Well, it does of course. And with a strong call to action after enticing the reader with copy describing benefits, you will increase your conversion rate.

Use buttons for your call to action

Market research in the last few years has found that mobile users are more inclined to click on a big bright button than they are to follow a link embedded in text. The reason is simple; buttons are easier to tap with your finger than a link.

Ask questions readers want to answer

Stats also show that asking questions that make people feel more important or affect them emotionally are more effective than pitching on offer. For example, rather than asking “Would you like to make £100 an hour?” ask, “Looking for a well-paid job?” The first question is not believable, the second appeals to the readers need.

Use video reels

Video is fast becoming the medium of choice for online marketers. It stands to reason given that TV advertising dominated sales conversions for decades. The fact of the matter is, motion pictures are so much easier for consumers to digest. And videos provoke desire like no other form of advertising can touch.

Make decisions simple

Modern day consumers do not want to have to think or search for what to do next. Decisions should be made easy and the call to action positioned button positioned clearly. Signpost everything in clear, easy steps and don’t leave prospects with choices.

Remove distraction

This is similar to the concept of making decisions simple as described above, but merits its own mention because it is vitally important that prospects are not distracted from the one single action they need to take.

On your landing pages, do not include menus, sidebars and other products or images. Also do not have music or videos playing in the background as this distracts readers from absorbing the words.

Make ads time-sensitive

When consumers are given a deadline for when the offer ends, they tend to act immediately. Otherwise they tend to leave it until later whereby they forget about it completely.


Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool in your marketing arsenal. So include testimonials in your marketing content rather than a few scrolling comments in a sidebar on your blog.

Write targeted landing pages

Search marketing is designed to attract customers with intent. This makes it easier for marketers to find the right audience. Therefore, when launching an online marketing campaign, focus on one particular service or product and target your landing pages to one specific audience.

There are many other ways in which you can improve click-through rates and conversions. It can depend on your business of course, together with the marketing method you are using.

However, by following the examples above, you will take the right frame of thinking into any marketing campaign and improve your success rate.