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How We Can Help You Online With SEO & Digital Marketing

Technical SEO

Our experts in technical SEO get under the hood of small, medium and enterprise level websites.  Whether you want server log file analysis, canonicalization issues resolving, search engine crawling issues, a javascript framework optimising for search engine optimization, or just an SEO health check, we can help.  Contact us for an initial audit and strategy formulation

Digital PR

Getting your brand the visibility it needs online won’t usually happen without a clear strategy driven by public relations and / or advertising.  We will help you formulate a winning strategy supported by data to reach the righ people and market influencers, at the right time with the right message

Content Marketing

Relevant high quality content ideation, content creation and amplification is a powerful modern SEO practitioner tool and forms our content marketing campaigns.  Reaching out to market to share engaging rich content with key niche target audience influencers online provides brand buzz and greater online visibility

SEO Audits

An audit on an existing website can throw up all kinds of unexpected surprises and bottlenecks which hold back growth.  The older and larger the site, the more these problems can occur.  We work with large and smaller sites to help you fix the congestion in your SEO progress via actionable SEO audits and roadmaps

Backlink Cleansing And Audits

Google’s algorithmic updates and manual penalties for unnatural link building makes healthy website backlink profiles important.  We carry out audit’s to get the full picture.  Competitive link analysis helps gain a view of where competitors sit and unveils competitor content marketing and outreach marketing strategies

PPC Management

Getting maximum ROI from your paid media spend takes expertise.  Our PPC experts have over a decade of experience in creating winning paid search campaigns.  Actionable, measurable return on your paid marketing spend

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Our great passion is search engine optimisation (SEO), but not at the sacrifice of user experience. Our work is carried out for your customers and site users first but with search engines of paramount importance.  We look through both human and spider eyes for maximum online impact

Local SEO

As location becomes increasingly relevant in a mobile-first world, local SEO is key to your success and a must for ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses  and national brands with branches.  Our local SEO strategies make your business stand out as the local go-to organisation

Social Media Marketing

Building relationships via social media is vital to achieve optimal reach and audience engagement. Our joined-up paid and organic cross-channel social media strategies reflect this.  Content marketing with social media amplification succeeds by connecting channels for successful digital marketing

Clients We’ve Helped

Why Choose Move It Marketing?

Our results driven approach has been proven a success to clients, evident in our high retention rate

Digital Marketing Specialists

Our expert digital marketing team are specialists in their area of online marketing, whether this be PPC, technical SEO, content marketing or social media. This approach brings exceptional results for clients looking for real online marketing expertise.

Our SEO and digital marketing experts have all operated at senior levels or managed teams of digital marketing consultants in agencies or in-house environments.

Traffic Is Nothing Without Conversion

We don’t just send meaningless online visits to your website.  Where would be the value in that for your business? We take a data driven approach, continually seeking conversions over visits and keyword rankings. Conversion rate optimization is key to online success.  PLAN, DO, REVIEW, is our mantra when it comes to driving traffic to customers.  Part of why Move it Marketing is a trusted SEO agency in Manchester

Long Client Retention

We’re proud of the long and trusting relationship we have with clients. Working together to understand their needs and finding ways in which we can meet those is our secret. We’re transparent and attentive when it comes to listening to the dreams and visions our customers have for their business and we strive to help them achieve these online

What People Think

“Move It Marketing have delivered results on every occasion. I’m delighted to be able to recommend them as an SEO and digital marketing agency.”
Ross Edwards

Travelworld Motorhomes

“Dawn has always been very knowledgeable about SEO and best practices and works well with us to ensure our design/build processes are not compromised when trying to architect a site to work well with the search engines.”
Jill Quick

Quick Marketing

“We’ve collaborated with Move It for many years with clients in competitive sectors.  They has always been very knowledgeable about SEO for processes when trying to architect a site to work well with search engines.
Richard Burkitt