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Move It Marketing is a Results Driven Manchester SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

We tailor your digital marketing campaigns to meet optimal needs based around your target audience and product / service offering.  Whilst our primary focus is in organic search (seo services (search engine optimisation)), we are able to enhance this with a wide range of other online marketing services, including paid search (PPC), digital PR, content marketing and paid and organic social media.

Are you getting found in the all the right places to connect with your customers and build your brand? If not, we can help

Has your website traffic dropped and you don’t understand why?  If so, we can help

Are you looking to increase visits to your website through SEO?  If so, we can help

Do you operate in Manchester, nationally or internationally?  If so, we can help?

Established in 2012 by Manchester SEO consultant Dawn Anderson and with an average client retention of 3 years+, we build relationships for the long term based on continuous knowledge development, integrity, trust and sharing with our clients.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

One of our specialist areas is technical SEO.  We are experts in it. We utilise a range of tools to get right under the hood of the sites of small, medium and enterprise level websites.

SEO - Search engine optimisation

SEO = Search Engine Optimisation

Our great passion is search engine optimisation (SEO), but not at the sacrifice of user experience.  All of our work is carried out for users first but with search engine crawlers experience of paramount importance.

Backlink cleansing and audits

Backlink Cleansing And Audits

The advent of Google’s Penguin algorithmic updates and manual penalties for unnatural link building means having a healthy backlink profile for a website has never been more important.
Local SEO

Local SEO

Essential for businesses with ‘bricks and mortar’ locations and national brands with local branches.  Our local SEO strategies are designed to ensure Google and users are in no doubt that your business is the local go-to organisation in their niche.

Content marketing services

Content Marketing

High quality content ideation, creation, building and placing within a site using hierarchical principles is one of the most powerful tools a modern SEO practitioner can hold and Move It Marketing undertake content marketing campaigns with this practice in mind.  We then reach out to share this rich content. Marketing it to key niche influencers and your target audience for real buzz.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Building relationships through social media is crucial for any organisation looking to achieve optimal reach and engagement.  Our joined-up cross-channel social media strategies reflect this.

Why Choose Move It Marketing?

We're a long established Manchester SEO agency with a highly skilled team of digital marketing specialists. Our results driven approach has been proven a success to clients, evident in our high retention rate

Digital Marketing Testimonials

“Move It Marketing have delivered results on every occasion.  I’m delighted to be able to recommend them as a digital marketing agency.” Ross Edwards

Managing Director, Travelworld Motorhomes

“Not only runs an incredible strategy but helps me understand the industry and makes it enjoyable”

I have worked with Move It Marketing for 18 Months, I am very happy with all aspects of the SEO services they provide. I would happily recommend them Matthew Kersh

Managing Director, The Bead Shop

“Move It Marketing helped us remove the google penalty that we had for 18 months (2 other agencies couldnt do that), always working and giving advice to help us improve traffic, a very good company”

Dedicated Digital Marketing Specialists

Every member of our team provides a dedicated service and are specialists in their area of online marketing.  We find that taking this approach we’re able to bring the best results for clients looking for real experts rather than ‘jack of all trades’.

If you choose a paid search approach you’ll be working with a paid search consultant, if you take an SEO approach you’ll be dealing with a highly skilled and experienced SEO consultant, and if you take a digital PR or offline PR approach, you’ll be dealing with a highly experienced PR consultant.

Our experienced Manchester SEO and digital marketing team work together to deliver real return on advertising spend for clients looking for maximum visibility in all the right places.

Online Traffic Means Nothing Without Conversion

We don’t just send meaningless online visits to your website, because where would be the value in that for your business?  Instead we take a data driven approach, continually seeking conversions over visits and keyword rankings.  We have a dedicated conversion rate optimization specialist who works within the team to ensure that we are on track to deliver the results you expect from us.

Plan, do, review is our mantra when it comes to driving traffic to customers, and that is part of the reason why Move it Marketing is a trusted SEO agency in Manchester.

Average Client Retention: 3 Years

We’re proud of the long and trusting relationship we have with clients.  Working together to understand their needs and finding ways in which we can meet those is our secret.  We’re transparent and attentive when it comes to listening to the dreams and visions that our customers have for their business and we strive to help them achieve them online.

Reach out to us via the phone or our contact form so that we can provide you with an free initial SEO consultation or digital marketing proposal for your website or social media assets.

One of our Manchester digital marketing consultants will discuss your requirements and see how we can find solutions to take you to the next level.