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Technical SEO

Technical SEO

One of our specialist areas is technical SEO. We utilise a range of tools to get right under the hood of the sites of small, medium and enterprise level websites.

Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Our great passion is search engine optimisation, but not at the sacrifice of user experience.  All of our work is carried out for users first but with search engine crawlers experience of paramount importance.

Backlink cleansing and audits

Backlink Cleansing And Audits

The advent of Google’s Penguin algorithmic updates and manual penalties for unnatural link building means having a healthy backlink profile for a website has never been more important.

Local SEO

Local SEO

Essential for businesses with ‘bricks and mortar’ locations and those national brands with many branch sites.  Our local SEO strategies are designed to ensure Google and users are in no doubt that our clients businesses are the local go to organisation in their niche.

Content marketing services

Content Marketing

High quality content built and placed in the right structure within a site using hierarchical principles is one of the most powerful tools a modern SEO practitioner can hold and Move It Marketing work with this practice in mind.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Building relationships through social media is now crucial for any organisation looking to achieve optimal reach and engagement.  Our strategies reflect this.

Digital Marketing Testimonials

“Move It Marketing have delivered results on every occasion.  I’m delighted to be able to recommend them as a digital marketing agency.”

Ross Edwards

Managing Director, Travelworld Motorhomes

“Not only runs an incredible strategy but helps me understand the industry and makes it enjoyable”

“Their knowledge of the SEO space is really impressive, understanding how the various changes with Google are likely to
affect the way in which your business needs to work it to produce the best results.”

“Move It have worked hard on our behalf to get under the skin of our business and how we can unlock the potential benefits that Google has to offer – we need to continually review our performance and make changes to suit.  Hopefully they will continue to deliver ideas / plans to keep us ahead of the competition”

I have worked with Move It Marketing for 18 Months, I am very happy with all aspects of the SEO services they provide. I would happily recommend them Matthew Kersh

Managing Director, The Bead Shop

“Move It Marketing helped us remove the google penalty that we had for 18 months (2 other agencies couldnt do that),
always working and giving advice to help us improve traffic, a very good company”

“Move It Marketing have been a fantastic agency to work with on an ongoing basis. They have provided us with a service
that feels personal, strategic and at all times based on the latest developments in SEO. They are an asset that we will
continue to work with and envisage a long & fruitful relationship in the future.”

“Move It Marketing are highly competent and clever SEO strategists that live and breath the business.  You can receive a truly personal service from one of the best in the industry”

From The Digital Marketing Blog

Focus On Content, But Don’t Lose Sight Of Technical SEO

There is a focus on content in the digital marketing sphere. And not without good reason. Content attracts readers, drives traffic, raises your online profile and improves search engine rankings. But there is little point in creating quality content if the technical elements of your website are not in place to host it. Technical SEO is the foundation from which you build a successful online business. Digital marketing is a complex web of interconnected strategies. Furthermore, the components have a knock-on affect which either supports or hinders the entire campaign. Such is the case with technical SEO. The fundamental workings of a digital business are in the background of your website, and if they are not functioning correctly, your entire online marketing efforts collapse in on itself. The importance of technical structure The technical structure of your website impacts on usability, crawlability and performance. If any of these three components is flawed, it does not matter how much content you produce, you will not improve your visibility in search rankings. Usability User-experience (UX) is vitally important to retaining visitors and increasing conversions. If customers cannot easily navigate your website and find the information and products they are looking for they will leave and check out the competition instead. The information architecture is one of the first components of a website to address. You need to define a clear purchasing path and make it easy for customers to get from where they are to where they want to be in the least amount of clicks. Crawlability The technical structure of your online store or website has to be accessible and...

What Can We Expect From The Impending Penguin Algorithm Update?

Google are planning another Penguin update. The good news for webmasters is that this update offers benefits rather than penalties.

A Tweet by Google’s trend Analyst, Gary Illyes back in October 2015, suggested the algorithm update would be launched by the end of the year. The company has since postponed the release, keen to ensure that it is ‘just right’ before full release into the wild.

Google Core Quality Update in January

It appears Google is continuing to roll-out its “core quality updates.” We noticed some movement in correlation to core keywords and a number of tools were reporting flux following the week ending Sunday 10th January and other SEO’s reported changes as well.

The digital marketing industry has been/is expecting a new Penguin update, and some commentators reported the update went live over the weekend, which is understandable given then long awaited and expected Penguin.

Predictive Search And RankBrain – Two Major Signals That Will Change The SEO Landscape

When Google announced it has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system as part of its Hummingbird algorithm, online marketers were put on red alert.
Codenamed RankBrain, the latest instalment of Google’s search algorithm and uses machine learning technology to give the capacity to become more intuitive.
In short, Google’s search engine will get intuitively smarter the more information it learns. The machine learning algorithm will become a major player in the way searchers interact with web pages.

How Apps Are Replacing Site-Based Rankings In Search Engines?

Technology has a short shelf-life. We know this. But is there a plausible alternative to SEO than site-based rankings?

Apparently so!

Apps have been rattling around for a few years now, and they are starting to make a noise.

With the onset of deep indexing in apps, it could be quite possible that by the end of 2016, search could take on an entirely new concept. It certainly gives online marketers something to think about!

Why It Is Important To Optimise Your Homepage

The Homepage is typically the most visited page of any website – therefore it needs to make a good first impression.
Search engines use a broad framework of search objectives to deliver websites that best fit the end-users description, so the better optimised your site, the more chance you have of being found.
But regardless of how visitors arrive at your site, they will take a look at your website to learn more about your business, content, products and offers. And to find out this information, they will navigate to your homepage.

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